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There will be no more Seggys or Centre Finders,so please don't ask any more! 
I've decided to just carry on enjoying myself at the lathe,and not watch over 3D printers for hours on end.Fun while it lasted,but life's too short!


Hello,and welcome to my website.

My name is Keith,and I am the owner of

Woodturning at 54a. 

Which basically means there's just me,working in a

shed at the bottom of the garden!


Woodturning is my hobby.I started about 2 years ago in my new shed,which is 54a. Why 54a I hear you ask? Because our house is number 54,simple as that!

Anyway,the main purpose of this website is to try and show you some pieces I have made on my lathe,and of course,to try and sell those pieces!

I have noticed that some sites are trying to sell pieces for incredible prices,but not here.

I want to keep my hobby nicely ticking over,by buying wood,and replacing tools and equipment as they wear out.

So I'm not out to make a fortune,and I think you will find all my items very reasonably priced.

Each piece is individual,a "one off" if you like. I say that because even if I made 2 bowls off the same piece of wood,there would be slight differences in them,that's the nature of wood,and the nature of having something hand made,(well,nearly).

So please feel free to browse through,and I will be adding more as soon as I can,or as soon as I think one is good enough to sell.

I can ship anywhere,but beware,larger items may be up to £12 shipping internationally

All my prices include postage,so what you see is what you pay.

Postage prices for shipping abroad could cost up to £15,which is why I'm limiting it to the U.K. as I wouldn't expect people to pay that.

However,if you're outside the U.K. and want to pay that sort of postage,get in touch,and I will try to sort something out!

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